The Early History of the East Mojave Desert and the Baker, California Area
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Top left:  John C. Fremont, the Great Pathfinder.                          
Top Center:  R.C. Baker, namesake for the town.                         
Top Right:  R.J. "Dad" Fairbanks, Baker pioneer.                        
Left Center:  "Burro Bill" Price and his wife Edna with friends. The spotted burro is "Balboa".  Look closely, there are actually  two burros in the photo.                                                                   
Right center:  The beginning of the 1938 flood which swept  away much of the town of Baker.                                                     
Left:  The photographer waded out to about where the car is in  the above photo and took a picture looking east toward the  soon to be flooded structures.                                                         
Historic Photos