The Early History of the East Mojave Desert and the Baker, California Area
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Mojave River Valley Museum
Clicking on this link will take you to the museum in Barstow, California where you will find an extensive variety of books and many other items of historical value.  It's just off the I-15 freeway on Barstow Road.
Mohahve  Historical Society
In the 1960's the Historical Society decided to adopt the unusual spelling of Mohahve  used by John C. Fremont when he traveled through the area in the 1840's.  Their members research, record, teach and publish the history of the people and communities of the Mojave Desert.
Mojave National Preserve
The Visitors Center, located at the Kelso Depot, just 30 minutes south of Baker on Kelbaker Road should be on your must see list.  Plan on a couple of hours just to see the exhibits.
Professional photographs of the Mojave
Bob Killen, a professional photographer and friend has some absolutely spectacular pictures on his site.  His photographs are often featured at the Kelso Depot where he has conducted several exhibits.
Michael Gordon Photography
Michael Gordon is another professional photographer and friend who is known for his black and white "Desert" series which have been displayed at the Kelso Visitors Center.
The Desert Girls
I've been on a couple of trips with these girls and a mutual friend they affectionately call "Mojave".  The girls can be out of their 4 X 4 and half way up the hillside while Mojave and I are still getting out of our vehicles.  They photograph old cabin sites, mines, ghost towns, petroglyphs, minerals, and anything else worth seeing.  Then they identify the plants, critters, and remains of bottles in the photos.
Guy Starbuck
Sometimes Guy, and his friends the Desert Girls, compete to see who can find and photograph the most interesting sites in the Desert.  He and the girls will allow you to travel the desert from the comfort of your armchair.
The Silence and the Sun
The title of an excellent book by friend and fellow traveler Joe de Kehoe.  His book details the rise and fall of the businesses, mining communities and railroad stops in the Mojave Desert and along Route 66.  Many historic and contemporary accounts and photo's.
The town of Baker, California
Here you will learn more about this small independent town and the governmental services it provides.
Great Desert links
Carlos Gallinger
A friend who writes about all things desert.  I love reading his observations.  Take the time to think about what he says - - - - -